Handmade quality swing made for youngest


The high quality fabric, multiple seams with extra strong thread, non-toxic chalk paint and natural rope used to create a starcatcher make sure your little one is safe and sound while swinging to the stars. The baby swings are most suitable for children 0,5 to approximately 3- 4 years and the max load is 40kg. The dimensions of the swings are 40×40 cm and depth approximately 35 cm.

Most of our swings are custom-made. People like to personalize their baby swing and we offer that on the highest level.

Here is a list of some extra features:
-name on the pillow
-a lace or a bow on the pillow or in front of the swing
-a picture/shape on the pillow

There are many different fabrics for the swing to be made of. Please contact us if you would like to design your own personal Starcatcher.
We are more than ready to accept new challenges!

Starcatcher examples:



★ Starcatcher with pillow 72€

★ Fabric bow 2€

★ One letter for name 0.5€

★ Shape on the pillow 4€

Contact to order or inquire information;