Safety first

✭The swing is only suitable for mounting on a strong and durable surface such as concrete slab, wooden beam, door leaf. Certainly not suitable for installation of plasterboard!

✭Only a durable hook made for this purpose should be used for mounting. For your home-like situations and your wishes, see the building materials shop. You need three hooks for the twin swing.

✭Before putting the baby in a swing check the correct condition. Make sure the ropes are fine and the knots down under are tight. Also check that the carbines are in the correct position. Check it before each swinging.

✭Do not swing between the doors in case of wind pull!

✭Make sure that the swinging path is free of foreign objects – so you prevent the child from getting hit by somewhere. The space between the swing and floor should be at 40 to 50 cm and your child`s feet should not touch the floor.

✭It is recommended to put a shockproof base (carpet, matresse etc) under the swing.

✭Be careful with your pets – they like to chew things (especially dogs)

✭Never leave your child unattended while swinging to the stars!

Wishing you and your little one safe swinging!✭

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