This swing is a must have in every modern child´s room. Kids love it cause it is comfortable and fun. Parents love it cause it is a beautiful design element for their home. You can also use it outdoors in the summer.


Pilvepüüdja valmistamisel on kasutatud vastupidavat männipuitu, kvaliteetset kangast ning suure vastupidavusega puuvillaköit. Kiige puidust osa on viimistletud loodusliku ning lastele ohutu kriidivärviga.

 Suitable for children from approximately 3 years.

 Maximum load capacity 80 kg

 Dimensions of the wooden part  50×25 cm

The ropes are suitable for standard ceiling height 2.50-2.60m.

 Metallic rings are attached to the ropes


Some examples of the cloudcatchers we have made:

      ☁ The cloudcatcher is 115 €

To order your personal cloudcatcher contact us directly:



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