Crafting Swings, Creating Smiles.

Handmade design swings for children


Star Catcher

Soft and ergonomic indoor baby swing for children up to 3 years of ages

Cloud Catcher

Beautifully designed classical seat swing with soft and comfortable cushion for children from ages 3+

Moon Catcher

Fun and developing round bungee swing for children from ages 3+

Star Catcher

Soft and ergonomic indoor baby swing with two seats for children up to 3 years of ages


Fun and eye-catching teepee tents

Sensory toy

Irreplaceable helpers for babies while they are teething

New in

We care

Child friendly

We use only child-friendly and natural materials that are tested and certified to ensure maximum consumer safety.


We make responsible decisions which protect our planet for future generations.


All our products are manufactured in compliance with the European Product Safety standards EN71 “Safety of Toys” and CE-marking.

Green label

We value our home island Hiiumaa’s naturue and human resources, traditional skills and local culture.

What our clients tell about us?


“Hello! We received your wonderful swing as a gift and we are so happy, our child could swing with it all day, he loves it so m uch! 😊 Good luck to you! ” LIIS-MARII

“Thank you!  🙂 The story for now is that we can not go outside anymore because there is a much more awesome swing in our home. This little human has been swinging for an hour in a row for now.” TALIS

“Our son is over the moon of the swing, when I put him to the swing he was immediately so happy and it was so great to see how happy he felt 😊 He is yet so small, but already knows how to be grateful for such great things.” ELIISE

“Hello, our swing arrived! The swing is very beautiful and our daughter loves it😍 This princess deserved such a wonderful swing, a big big thank you again!😍👏🏻 I wish you only pleasant customers in the future😍👏🏻” EVE

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