Safety first


The swing is only suitable for installation on a strong and durable surface such as a concrete ceiling, wooden beam, door frame. It is definitely not suitable for installation on a plaster ceiling that does not have a groove under which to attach the hook!

Only durable and high-quality hooks intended for this purpose may be used to install the swing. Choose hooks/anchors that can support at least the weight of an adult. You can find the hooks that suit your home conditions and wishes in a hardware store or in our e-store. We recommend installing a mounting anchor with a movable loop on the ceiling – this way the wear and tear process caused by movement is minimized. If necessary, use the help of a specialist!

Carabiners are attached to the rope of the baby swing (star catcher) – so you can also attach closed rings to the ceiling instead of hooks and easily take the swing down from the hooks. Rings are attached to the swing (cloud catcher) for older children, and in case of closed hooks, it is necessary to use carabiners as a switch.

We recommend installing the swing on soft ground (carpet, playmat, mattress, etc.). Never place hard or sharp objects in the path of the swing. Make sure that the swing path is free of extraneous objects – this way you prevent the child from hitting himself.

The recommended height of the baby swing (star catcher) from the ground is about 40-50 cm, and the child’s feet must not touch the ground.

Do not use the swing in the doorway if there is a draft.


Teach and guide your children in the correct, safe and prudent use of the swing. Make them aware that jumping on the swing and doing tricks while in motion is not safe and will definitely shorten the life of the swing.

Keep the swing out of the reach of pets – they like to chew things.

Never leave a child unattended in the swing!


Enne, kui asetate lapse kiige sisse kiikuma, kontrollige üle kiige korrasolek. Veenduge, et köied on terved, köiesõlmed pulkade all tugevasti kinni, kangaosa terve ning karabiinid õiges asendis. Kontrollige seda enne igat kiikumist.

Osad või detailid, mis on katki või väga suurte kulumisnähtudega, tuleb koheselt välja vahetada. Garantii kehtib kõikidele osadele 2 aastat ning hõlmab endas materjali ning töö defekte.

Hoidke ja hooldage kiike vastavalt tootjapoolsetele juhistele.

NB! Kiik on mõeldud koduseks kasutamiseks. Ühele inimesele mõeldud kiike tohib kasutada üks inimene korraga.

NB! KIIGIK ei võta vastutust toodete hooletu ja valesti kasutamise eest. Ohutus on kasutaja vastutusel.

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