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Keili Oras

Kiigik Star Catcher is actively used almost every day at our home. Also, I think it’s a nice piece of decor (because it looks gorgeous ♥)! The swing is very high-quality and neat, and our son really likes the chew toy that came with the swing! ★★★★★

Mari Juhanson

The more you look at children’s things on social media, the more offers you find. That’s how I found Kiigik, who actually I had already heard about somewhere before, but at that moment there was no need to search exactly. When the need arose, I looked for Kiigik, followed their activities on Instagram for a while, and finally my husband and I decided to order a basket for toys named after our child. If it’s still the largest of the selection. Somehow, stars have become our child’s theme since birth, and so did the basket with selected stars. We received the basket quickly and conveniently, and most importantly, when it arrived, it was EVEN more beautiful than in the pictures. Thank you Kiigik, soon we will start choosing a swing when the time is right.★★★★★

Käti Randmaa

Kiigiku’s Star Catcher found its way to our family in the form of a gift from the heart. It has become our children’s daily playmate, in which you can spend hours trying to reach heights or let yourself be rocked to sleep after a tiring gaming marathon. The softness and comfort of the starcatcher make it an absolute favorite of children, and its eye-catching appearance will please mommy and daddy in home decor.★★★★★

Diana Saar

I have been very satisfied with both swings that we have purchased from Kiigik. We started with a star catcher, and when the chick outgrew it, we needed a better solution for a bigger child, and here the cloud catcher turned out to be our choice. Our whole family enjoys the cloud catcher – mommy and daddy too, because it’s such a nice swing 😍 ★★★★★

Reelika Roosileht

Super beautiful swing, super beautiful pillow!!! How beautifully packaged and how sweetly written!!!!! Super satisfied!
The service is also great!
Everything is great, great, great! ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you!!!!★★★★★

Hedi Viimsi

Our children are very satisfied, and so are we. The bigger one constantly makes sure that the pillow on the swing is the right way.★★★★★

Helina Rajasalu

I wanted to give feedback about the swing you made for Lenna-Liisa. She tried being in there for the first time today as he was just starting to sit up and he is a huge fan of it! I was really happy sitting in there with all those cushions and the pillow is great! Thank you very much for making a very high quality and beautiful product! ★★★★★

Kertu Raadik

I’m just very happy with everything! Let’s start by the fact that your company has a great name and logo. I’ve already been able to watch it quite a lot while giving the little girl a boost 😍 Besides, the swing itself is gorgeous! As soon as I saw this particular one on the website, I knew it was the one. And when I found out they were called Star Catchers, I was sold in seconds! As a bonus, I discovered that once the stars have been captured, you can continue to capture the clouds. And how beautiful these Cloud Catchers look 😍 In addition, the swing was so beautifully packed! I like how much effort has been put into such small things! And not to mention the excellent service and communication! The problem was solved in a flash! Wonderful! We are very, very grateful for the product and everything else! ★★★★★

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