The story of KIIGIK

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I am so glad that for some reason you have found KIIGIK! I am Häli, a busy mom living on a little island called HIIUMAA, in Estonia. KIIGIK is like my third and precious child but my biggest motivators of course are my two little boys. Markus is already five and the youngest member of our KIIGIK family is three years old Bruno. Every product I make is based on their actual needs and preferences.

The first thought of making a fabric baby swing for my first born child Markus was when he was one year old. I will always rembemer this eary summer in 2016 and the feeling I had like I have really created a third child for myself. The first swing was so beautiful and unique compared to the plastic one Markus used to have, so I really wanted to make such baby swings for other people too.

It took me several months to develop the perfect dimentions, to find the best materials to use and to coordinate them in compliance with different standards and toy safety. I sold my very first KIIGIK baby swing called Starcatcher in August 2016. Since then I have sold my swings to people all over the world. USA, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, France, England, Norway, Sweden and Germany are just some countries where little children already enjoy swinging with the best and unique baby swings.

Every swing I make is made with extra care and lots of love. Come and join us! Your little one is worth it ❤️

Häli-Herta Haavapuu
Founder of KIIGIK and mother of two little boys

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