Soft and ergonomic indoor baby swing for children up to 3 years of ages

Introducing our flagship swing, the Star Catcher! 🌟 Let your little one’s imagination soar with this enchanting indoor swing, designed to ignite their sense of adventure while ensuring their safety at every swing. Crafted from premium-quality fabric, reinforced with sturdy seams and non-toxic chalk paint, and suspended by natural rope, the Star Catcher offers a secure and magical experience for children aged 6 months to 3 years. 🌈 Let them explore, dream, and play to their heart’s content! Don’t miss out on the chance to bring the wonder of the cosmos into your home. Order the Star Catcher indoor swing today and watch your child reach for the stars!

⭐The baby swings are most suitable for children 0,5 to approximately 3- 4 years.

⭐Max load is 40 kg.

⭐The dimensions of the baby swings are 40×40 cm and depth approximately 35 cm.

⭐The cotton ropes attached are soft and durable.

⭐We only use Vintro Chalk paint to finish the wooden parts – it is 100% natural and toxin free!

⭐The fabric we use is 100% cotton Oeko-Tex canvas (strong and thick fabric).

⭐The fabric part of the baby swing is removable and machine washable.

⭐All our swings are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the European Standards “Safety of toys” EN 71-8 and CE.

Order your baby swing now to make your baby the happiest ever! As a bonus you will get a beautiful design element for you home or baby´s room.

Some examples of the StarCatchers we have already made:

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