Maximum support for the littlest

If your baby is little and has just learned how to sit, our soft and comfortable star-cushion is one of the best choises. 

It supports you little one from every angle – like a soft and fluffy hug from a best friend. We will make a personal star-cushion from the fabrics you choose and you could even ask to add your baby´s name, a bow or some other extras.

♥ The pillow is made to fit into our Starcatcher swing

♥ The measures are 35x35cm

♥A bow and sleepy eyes are included to the price

Star-cushion prices:

★ The cushion with sleepy eyes and one bow 39€

★ Every additional bow 2€

★ One letter for name 0,5€

Some examples:

Order or ask for more info

To make custom order or receive additional information, send a letter to Kiikik:

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