☆We use extra strong and best quality fabrics.

☆The sewing is doubled or even some cases tripled.

☆We use extra strong thread to make the baby swings.

☆Soft and durable cotton rope can hold over hundreds of kgs.

☆ The wooden parts are finished with natural and toxin free chalk paint which is safe for children.

☆All our swings are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the European Standards “Safety of toys” EN 71-8.


☆All fabric parts are washable and you can even remove the pillowcase.

☆You can use the swing in different places (even outside if desired).

☆It is easy to take off the swing from the ceiling and fold it together.Kiike on lihtne konksudelt maha tõsta ning kompaktseks kokku pakkida.

☆It is possible to adjust the height of the swing from the rope knots.

☆Suitable for children from 6 months (baby needs to sit independently) up to 3 years.


☆We make special orders.

☆We are more than glad to accept every custom wishes (in accordance with our 3 core values).

☆We are innovative and constantly try to figure out new designs and products Oleme innovaatilised ning mõtleme pidevalt välja uusi disaine ning tooteid.

☆We do our own thing – it is against our values to copy other artists work.